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The redirect is coming soon! This is officially the last post. So get your rss feeds switched, get your blogrolls updated, and get used to the knew location 'cause soon this is no more.


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As you can tell by my subject line and my use of all caps (as a side note, do y'all have any of those people who email you in ALL CAPS? I hate that, I feel like they're yelling at me) this blog post IS VERY IMPORTANT. I would even venture to say that it's a MUST READ.
Because...in two days time...this blog will no longer exist! That's right folks I'm switching to wordpress! So switch over your rss readers, update your blog rolls, change your bookmarks 'cause this is happenin' baby. The new site is a work in progress for sure, but I'm ready to stop trying to divide my focus. I'll miss you blogger...

I've had so many posts that I've been wanting to write, but my blogging time has been spent trying to figure out html stuff, server stuff, and all sorts of other things I don't really care about but had to figure out. Here are some posts you can look forward to reading on my new page in the next week as I get them cranked out:

  1. I heard Shane Claiborne speak last week and it was amazing. I can't wait to tell you more!
  2. I want to tell you all about the church that Jess and I will be planting in 2011
  3. Our new diet: the Yes We Can-dida diet
  4. I would like to regale you with anecdotal stories about my childhood
  5. A remember the good times post about my blogger blogging days
So here she is folks. Read and enjoy!


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It's rare that a student goes beyond his teacher. It takes a very special student to do so. You know that principle right?
Whether we like it or not we are shaped by our parents choices and behaviors. Some value this, some ignore it, and still others fight against it. But regardless of your viewpoint the reality is that the choices your parents made affect the choices that you make today. I've got one friend whose parents made terrible choices while he was growing up and so his "rebellion" was to make really ridiculously responsible choices. I feel like I've been blessed to learn from my parents early-life poor choices with money because of their openness on the subject. But it doesn't usually end up like this. Anyone who has taken a psych class can tell stories of how alcoholism, sexual abuse, physical abuse, etc by parents all directly affect the next generation of children.
I say all that to say two very different things:

  1. Introducing people to Jesus and serving as guides on their spiritual journey of following Christ is a hugely miraculous process. It's a miracle that it even happens. Because you're asking people to make new choices and practice new behaviors that they were never taught to do. And I'm not just talking about the "churchy" things like getting up on Sunday morning, reading your Bible, fasting, etc. (though those are all hard practices that should be learned) but I'm thinking more about "simple" things like talking to your wife respectfully even though in your home that was never modeled. I'm talking about relearning what is normal and what is abnormal, that maybe the experiences you had as a child are actually extremely abnormal and twisted but you just never knew it. I'm talking about not having sex unless you're married to the person. I'm talking about not getting wasted when you drink. I'm talking about not getting into debt and only spending money that you actually have. The list could go on and on. When Jesus asks us to live responsibly, to love endlessly, to rejoice always, and tells us that every person carries dignity it requires lots of changes that are often times completely contrary to what our core being "tells" us is right. I hope that all the exciting church planting happening around us will be marked not just by people giving their lives to Jesus for the first time but by lives of discipleship marked not by perfect behavior but by a journey that reflects growth and maturity and transformation. You know what we need? We need more godly mentors and disciplers!
  2. And my second and completely unrelated point is...how can we expect Americans to not be completely and overwhelmingly in debt when they're simply doing what their "parents", the government have modeled to them? It takes a very disciplined and dedicated child to make choices that the parents won't make. God bless Dave Ramsey for helping people make those tough choices! And maybe one day we can hope (or vote) for a government that at the very least stops spending more than what they make.


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I played poker with some guys from our home community yesterday during the Superbowl (good game wasn't it!) and it's still making me laugh. First off let me say that I don't really play much. I mean I know how to play poker and I understand the gist of Texas Hold 'em, but I've played hold em like twice in my life.
It's just so funny to see how seriously people take it! If someone deals a card off the table or something you've got to redeal the whole hand. One guy accidentally dealt the dealer first and once realized, even though we had already started betting the hand had to be redealt and started over. There's all these code words like "blind", "double trouble", and "noodle wrap" that make no sense to me. Some wouldn't ever show their cards if they lost. They refused because it would give us an advantage to how they play or something like that. You have to try not to joke too much or talk too often, not that the guys I was playing with would get mad if I spoke. It's just an obvious faux pax to use words too often.
Don't even get me started on Texas Hold Em being on ESPN, that's just rediculous. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun...it's just different...and funny.

Cool ad  

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This add was rejected by NBC to run during the Superbowl. I understand their point. But it's a really good and simple add.

Some Letter Writing Details  

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I thought I'd take a moment to give you a rundown on what I've down thus far in my 2009 fund raising efforts. I'd love to hear if you've got any input, ideas, criticisms, etc...
So far if you're on my list you've received:

  1. An official fund raising letter
  2. A stamped and addressed response postcard
  3. A follow up phone call from myself or my calling team (though, lets be honest we left lots of messages!)A stamped and addressed envelope
  4. A handwritten follow up card
  5. A Christmas family photo
  6. A stamped and addressed envelope
  7. A typed up job description note included with previous mailer
  8. A newsletter
  9. A stamped and addressed communication postcard asking how I can best connect with you (email, texting, facebook, etc.)
  10. And we've got our facebook group
Is that overkill? That's all since December of '08. I hope at the very least people realize that I'm really excited about the work that I'm able to do!

Top 12  

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Here are some good resources for you. I don't use them all religiously but I recognize the usefulness/creativity of all of them.

1. This is a cool little scheduling webapp that's worth checking out.

2. Diddo from number one.

3. I haven't gotten to play around with this one yet, but I can see its potential...and I think I like it.

4. I'm working my way through Financial Peace University right now, so this webapp was quite intriguing. It's very easy to use and worth a peeksipoo.

5. Want to send out mass texts easily and without charges? This is the way to go. It's going to be a lifesaver for me.

6. This is just for your churchy folks out there. But it's a very easy to use webapp, simple, and practical. It helps churches track important information and such.

7. I personally won't ever use this...I don't think. But if this fits your style of thinking it would be great. It definitely looks nice and seems fairly simple.

8. This one is fun. You must play.

9. This webapp gives you piece of mind if you're a hardcore blogger.

10. I've got an account for this. I like it. It intruigs me. But I don't use it at all. We'll see where I end up with this one.

11. Up until last week when facebook stopped updating my status via my phone this little guy was great. It updates your twitter feed through facebook.

12. Best news site ever. Period. I don't care if it's fair, balanced, or accurate. It's down right fun and that is no lie.

Oh there are so many more I'd like to share. As I've learned from my friend Jonathan webapps are where it's at...especially a free one.

Simply Amazing.  

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I'm sorry to post two videos in a row. But this touched me in a very deep way.

Goodbye Forever PJ  

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I made this video to honor Paul and Julie as they left us for their church planting venture in Canada. Goodbye PJ. Sorry for the poor quality. In no way does the poor quality of this video reflect the manner in which I'm trying to wish Paul and Julie good riddance.

Dear Canada, please enjoy PJ. Please don't mess them up like you've messed everything else up that you've put your hands on...like health care.*

* Please note that I don't know what I'm talking about and I wrote it simply because it makes me laugh.

Strategy Lab  

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I don't have much time to write much of anything. I'd tired. Real tired. The first two days of strategy lab have been wonderful so far. The dream that Jess and I have been talking about for over two years is starting to be put on paper for the first time and is transitioning from a dream to a vision (dreams have no plan to accomplish them while visions are a future reality).

I can't wait to share more. Most of what I'll share about strategy lab however will come through our newsletter...so...join my facebook group or sign up for email updates in the box on the bottom of the sidebar!

If you live in or near Vancouver make sure you come to the Kairos church planting event this Saturday at the Vancouver Church of Christ. There will be a presentation of seven different church plants that have been crafted this week. Some of them won't be launched for a couple of years, some have already begun in some stages, and others will be starting in the upcoming year. We are just on the edge of some seriously exciting times. I hope you're on board with what God's doing in church planting!!!



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