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I played poker with some guys from our home community yesterday during the Superbowl (good game wasn't it!) and it's still making me laugh. First off let me say that I don't really play much. I mean I know how to play poker and I understand the gist of Texas Hold 'em, but I've played hold em like twice in my life.
It's just so funny to see how seriously people take it! If someone deals a card off the table or something you've got to redeal the whole hand. One guy accidentally dealt the dealer first and once realized, even though we had already started betting the hand had to be redealt and started over. There's all these code words like "blind", "double trouble", and "noodle wrap" that make no sense to me. Some wouldn't ever show their cards if they lost. They refused because it would give us an advantage to how they play or something like that. You have to try not to joke too much or talk too often, not that the guys I was playing with would get mad if I spoke. It's just an obvious faux pax to use words too often.
Don't even get me started on Texas Hold Em being on ESPN, that's just rediculous. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun...it's just different...and funny.

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