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Posted by Ryan Woods

This add was rejected by NBC to run during the Superbowl. I understand their point. But it's a really good and simple add.

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It's ok to put show women in their underwear and in the shower with other women, but not this ad. This ad would be offensive.

its a little strange... like... i'm totally not offended at all, but its strange to see something like that meant for tv... Its incredibly effective. For a second there, my ProChoice Status fluttered a bit....

see if you can find the one with the Grease Monkeys.
I mean... you were presumably watching the SB, but..... dang that was a good commercial :D

aaaaaand GoDaddy ads were stupid. I would even go so far as to say they were retarded (sorry Jess/ Jones)

I thought this commercial was incredibly well done and effective. I find the godaddy adds terribly offensive.
I kind of understand why they wouldn't air this commercial. It's like when at a youth group talent show when everyones doing stupid things like blowing snot bubbles with their noses and then that one awkward girl gets up and does a serious Jesus skit that's supposed to make you think. While I love JEsus and I want to think about him, I'm pretty sure that the aspect of Jesus that talent shows are made to focus on is his sense of humor.

Politically correctness run amuck! That's nuts!
Why is it that tolerance runs only one way? Freedom is limited.

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