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Posted by Ryan Woods

I wrote this whole post with the aforementioned title. Then it went poof.
Instead, here is a little sumthin' sumthin' for ya...
I'm feeling awkward about what I'm about to speak about...
I've been sleeping in my sons piss for four nights!
There, I've said it.
He peepeed on my bed while we were getting him ready for the hospital. It was just a little peepee, but it was peepee none the less. When we got home from the hospital we were so tired and had only two+ hours to sleep so we threw a towel on the bed and slept away...for four nights.
I'm doing laundry right now.

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Welcome to the parent club!
Don't you believe in baptism?

It's all part of the process.
You have kids, you get pee on you.


lifes like that, welcome to being so tired that you just don't care!

my honest reaction? meh. there's been a stinky yucky-bucket (vomit bowl) by my bed since saturday. i mean, i dumped the puke out into the toily and gave 'er a rinse, but it's not made it downstairs yet.

doesn't it rule to be a parent?

so I guess I just didn't know that it's normal to sleep in pee. Huh, maybe I shouldn't have changed my sheets. It sounds like you all go months before changing! Wow, this is great!

am i alone in my priciples? i dont believe that one should generaly sleep in urine. but who am i?

i like that it is only parents that are commenting! i think everyone else doesnt like you anymore cause thats gross. :)

When I was a 3rd grade camper at camp we had a kid in our cabin who wet the bed every night, but no one found out until several days into camp.

This blog and the subsequent comments are better than birth control!

don't get us wrong, tara. we don't want to sleep in urine... we even wish we could change it. we simply can't muster up the energy to care. if we remembered that there was urine in our collective parenting beds, at say, 3:00 in the afternoon, we'd totally do something about it. the problem is that we forget about it until bedtime and by then we honestly don't care.

wow, RM, thats exactly how it is to a T.
And here's some bad news. I changed our sheets yesterday...guess who pissed on them today! No frickin' way!

i've got clean sheets sitting by our bed . . . they've been there since saturday. have i put them on? no.

man, it is going to get even worse than this once i have kids, huh?

"shut it zane" ~zoolander

Here's another grossy... Sleeping in sheets drenched with stale breast milk. Priorities! Sleeping or good hygiene? Come on! You just wait and see!

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