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We spend so much money on stuff don't we? How full is your garage? How many boxes do you have in the attic of stuff that you haven't touched in two years? How many times do you eat out a week? How many computers or televisions do you have in your home? Do you eat all your leftovers? How many movies do you see at the theater? How many different sets of dishes do you have (we've got Christmas ones, plastic ones, regular ones, fun red ones, ones we painted, etc.)...I could go on and on couldn't I?
We find lots of ways to spend money...except on healthy food right? I've said it so many times and heard it just as many "I can't afford to eat healthy" or "I can't afford organic food" or...you fill in the blank.
Well finally Jess and I got tired of hearing ourselves saying that and we decided to cut back on other things so that we could take care of God's temple (our body!).
If you want fresh (much of it is picked the morning you get it), cheap, organic, local, and really ridiculously good tasting produce you should join Organics To You. Here are some pictures of $60 worth of fresh organic produce that we left at our doorstep...

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The fabulous thing is that this picture doesn't really do the produce justice! It is so bright and flavorful and delicious! And there is such a large amount and variety for the price!! I have enjoyed it so much. The other cool thing is that you get what is in season and so at least my family is learning to cook with all sorts of veggies we never have before...who would have thought we love kale and leeks??

Oh and if you do start to use it, someone just told me that you get bonuses for suggesting it to people. So most definitely tell them we told you about it then we will get free veggies!!

you cute little hippies. Do you spend $60 a month or week? HOw often is it delivered? Will they drop it at my door?

Seems so familiar! You know I am in love with this sort of thing. It is the best ever!!

i've been waiting for this post for a week.

I can now show it off to all of my friends down at the watering hole!



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