The Pot vs. The Tube  

Posted by Ryan Woods

I don't care what you do. I want to care, but it is not my place to really care what you do in your spare time. Maybe, just maybe if you go to my church, if you're a great friend of mine, then maybe I care. But I still have no place telling you what to do (with a few exceptions).
And so, if you smoke pot...cool. If you spend 13 hours a day watching TV...ok.
But I find the following analysis interesting. What you're about to read is straight from the mind of my beautiful and gorgeous wife. Here is a comparison of Television and marijuana.

  • Both are mildly addicting
  • Both mind numbing
  • Both are unhealthy
  • Both alter your perception of reality
  • Both affect your ability to make sound decisions
  • Both induce laziness
  • Both waste money

I know there are a few more, but alas she is not here to list them off for me.*

*Beware, for if you ever do ask her to list them off, she will. If she is in an ok mood she will then proceed to rant and rave about the fact that studies have shown that tv watching for infants actually shrinks their brain! Anyway, just ye be forewarned.

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But can TV do THIS?

Ryan, glad to be on your blog as well. You just about beat the most comments I've ever seen on a blog. Just wait until I get going.

James... I'm not into the whole pot thing (despite the Che Guava connection), but the whole concept of that house is pretty cool... I mean come on... a hydraulic door?! How cool is that!

Ry... For once your wife has a point...that rant about TV and infants is a really good one. I've recycled it many a time. And you go ahead and tell her that I said that too... she'll know the code.

umm I think this is funny har-har-har. Good one rizzle comparing pot to t.v. what a joke. Next you be telling me video games are as bad a crack and the internet is the next meth hahah lets all hate technology together woo-hoo

Joke all you want. For although this all started as a joke between my wife and I some years ago, we have yet to have somebody give us good reasons why any of the comparisons are unwarrented. Granted the extremity of the two are quite different (some favoriing the weed and others favoring TV) but they are still very oddly similar.

Hmm well t.v doesn't smell like feces and there is the whole mr.rogers neighborhood and other pbs shows that are really good. Though One of my favorite families only used tv to watch old school movies(really cool) and in whole I think it can be negative. I also think it can be cool. Also t.v. doesn't help you feel less pain. Mary jane soothes pain for glaucoma suffers and the like. Sometimes I wish the t.v. did that but it doesn't...

So they both have a couple of differing possitives (however minor they are). I can agree with that. But their negatives? They still share the same negatives which, as I said before, have not been refuted.

One difference is that high schoolers feel cooler when they use pot, but feel less-cool when they watch tv. What I'm trying to say is...Pot wins. Go Pot.

although tv can't give you lung cancer like smoking can . . .

Can smoking pot give you lung cancer? Or is it just tabacco

And although watching tv doesn't produce cancer, I'm prett sure you can tie it to obesity which is tied to death of all kinds.

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